Some of our portfolio

IQ7 Technology

IQ7 TECHNOLOGY, Bankruptcy Cases Management software for United States Trustees and Bankruptcy Attorneys

SINANSOFT has supported Olofson Technology Partners since 2015 with software development of the IQ7 Technology core product from the scratch to the first release in 2016. Olofson Technology Partners headquartered in Newport beach, California provides specialty technology solutions and professional services within the legal industry.

SINANSOFT has been technical consulting partner from the very first steps of IQ7 development on various parts of the project. We have created the project backend and frontend, and implemented all the business requirements and features using JAVA enterprise technologies on backend and React.js on frontend. After first production release, SinanSoft engineering team has been working working on adding new enhancements and features to the product as well as product maintenance.

UNIVOIP, Customer Interaction Portal

SINANSOFT has supported UNIVOIP as software development outsourcing partner since 2016. UniVoip is a pioneering leader in Cloud Communications and VoIP technology in United States Headquartered in El Segundo, California. Currently SINANSOFT team is working on Customer Interaction portal, and subsystems integrating with various external systems and 3rd party softwares.

We provide Univoip with Java enterprise development and microservices consulting services to bring all their different platforms and subsystems to a centralized enterprise application.

GOLRIZAN, CRM and Online purchase system

SINANSOFT has been working with Golrizan corporation on redeveloping their CRM system on a brand new JAVA based platform.

GOLRIZAN is a medical and surgery instruments manufacturer, operating in Asia and Middle East. We are developing all the business process management tools for accountant, sales and administrative departments. Also we are developing online order system where Golrizan clients can purchase and submit orders online on the portal.

TAMASHAGAR, Sport News Media

In 2017, TAMASHAGAR and SINANSOFT have entered a media and services development partnership covering the entire Tamashagar business management process. TAMASHAGAR is a Sport News Media providing the latest world sport related hotlines on the web site and mobile app.

We have been developing Content Management Systems and admin tools necessary for TAMASHAGAR journalists and admins to keep the site and news up-to-date on daily basis. We have been developed web scraping components to get latest news from other media resources. SINANSOFT team is currently working on developing Mobile Application for TAMASHGAR Android and IOS users.

MASKANET, Real State Directory CRM

SINANSOFT has supported MASKANET as software development consulting partner since 2016. MASKANET is an IT and Software Services provider to the Real Estates agencies.

SINANSOFT team has developed CMS and real estates directory web site on .NET platform for more than 2 years. SINANSOFT team has also developed Mobile application based on the main Maskanet services through REST APIs.